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The Secret that makes my labor easier

The Secret that makes my labor easier
Published : April 14 , 2020
Latest Update : August 09 , 2022
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In my previous blog, I shared four things that helped me move past the fear and anxiety I had concerning childbirth. I’d like to share one more tidbit with you.

Like many women, it was easy for me to concoct the perfect labor and birth scenario before my baby was actually growing in my tummy. I wanted to have a happy and positive experience. But as my due date approached, I started to doubt and worry. Would everything turn out okay?

As I read extensively about childbirth, I learned that stress was one of the worst emotions I could bring into my pregnancy.

Stress causes the body to go into a “fight or flight” response, which can slow contractions, stop the cervix from dilating, and stall the entire labor progression overall. This meant all the worry I was experiencing about having a good birth was only hurting me.

So I decided to learn about the opposite of fear and stress. I learned about practices and hormones that invite our bodies to relax, be at peace and ease, and to even handle painful or intense experiences with little effort or resistance.

You know what was among one of the top practices for reducing stress and producing “feel good hormones?” Laughter.

I committed to laughing every day before my birth. Not made-up, fake-it-til-you-make-it snickers. Like real, doubled-over, hard-to-breath, I’m-crying-I’m-laughing-so-hard laughter.

I got online and watched dozens of comedians. I read jokes from books and the internet. My husband and I spent a whole day recounting the funniest stories and moments from our six-year relationship (and we wrote them all down).

And, my husband had my “funniest” friends make a comedy video for me to watch once labor started. Yes, you read that right. I had my own comedy video to watch as contractions mounted and pressure built. And it worked! I bounced on an exercise ball and watched that video two times in a row, crying tears of hilarity. It was the perfect beginning to a fantastic childbirth experience.

Fear does not have to be the overriding emotion leading up to and into labor. You can conquer it with intentionality, determination, and help from trusted professionals. So, go out there and take hold of your peace, your confidence, and your laughter! You got this, mama!


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