5 Tips for traveling with your kids in winter

5 Tips for traveling with your kids in winter
Published : December 14 , 2019
Latest Update : July 24 , 2022
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Since winter travels are inevitable, especially with the Holiday season and family visits, it can be a little bit worrying for you, because all you want is to protect your kids from getting sick and keeping them warm during the flight or road trip, so you all can enjoy the vacation. Actually, it can be done, once you set the destination, you will be ready to start planning for the details of your trip. The preparation process does not really differ between planning for road trips with kids or riding on planes; the most important thing is to be ready for weather changes, emergencies and to have entertainment options. How? Here 5 tips that can lead your way:

  1. Clothing

First, just follow the rule of thumb: “your kids need one extra layer than you do in winter”. Avoid heavy clothing they need to be able to move freely. Secondly, try to choose the right material of jackets or snowsuits depending on your destination’s climate, some jackets are made from materials that protect from dry cold weather and others are made from materials that insulate wetness and dry quickly.

Another tip is to go for mittens instead of gloves, just imagine getting tiny fingers into gloves every time they take them off or when you are in a hurry.

  1. Snacks

If you are going on a plane, all you need is snacks, but for road trips, you might need to add a meal plan. The thing is to choose the right type of food; choose items that give energy just enough to keep your kids warm, for example, go for dates, banana or assorted nuts, cheese sandwiches. Fill some small bags of fresh cut vegetables and fruits. Your kids will be happy to find some amusement with chewing sounds that come out from carrots!

  1. Cozy Atmosphere

We all feel this chill in winter though we’d have the heaters turned on! What we do is that we grab a blanket and we cuddle up to it. This goes for kids as well! Just pack a very fluffy blanket, a small pillow, and a furry stuffed animal. Feeling cozy is the ultimate warmer in winter. And they can aid you in no heater situations too.

  1. Toys

This goes for all kids ages. For babies choose small musical toys, rattles, and teething toys. For older kids, give each a small backpack or small container, then ask them to choose three favorite toys or items, could be puzzles, stories, dolls, coloring books, and colors. They’ll be happy to participate in planning and making decisions. Keeping them entertained is an energy booster which can elevate body temperature, hence… The goal is achieved!

  1. Travel by Daylight

This would work for many reasons. First, you don’t want a cranky sleepy kid stuck in a car or an airport/airplane, you want your kids to be cheerful, energetic and excited. The second reason, weather conditions are unpredictable; your flight might be delayed/ canceled due to lack of visibility, snow or storms, so instead of going back home because you chose the last flight, you can just wait for the next one! As for road trips, sunshine or daylight will come in your favor protecting you from the ice on the road, and you might just get to your destination before the evening thus you will avoid the freezing winds and shivers.

Following these tips might ease your thoughts about traveling this time of year, and your kids will be happy too. We wish you safe travels and a happy new year!


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