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Super Mama... working moms or stay-at-home moms?

November 21 , 2018
Sarah Shafagoj
Sarah Shafagoj, a proud mama to three boys 10, 8 and 2.5,  She studied marketing at the University of Jordan and she is currently a stay at home...More

First of all, let me dedicate this to all the women out there, especially moms, whatever you are doing dear, you are awesome at it.

This topic I’m presenting to you my readers is not new at all, but I would like to shed a light on it, because it is very vital for us women and moms, to know that we are doing our best no matter what we choose in life.

I am personally a stay-at-home mom, three kids later and I am convinced that this is the master of jobs, and naturally, an UNPAID job, but a job that comes with so many rewards and beautiful moments nonetheless.

But now I think about the working moms, how do they do it? Is it the right thing to do to juggle between work and motherhood? Are working moms better than us who choose not to be in a paid 9 to 5 job? Do they have better self-esteem and feel more productive than the ones at home?

I got so many questions answered while I sat and chatted with two of my friends who happen to be working moms. So let’s start with some truth bombs.

My Friends Ghalia and Rasha

Basically, it is not easy at all, and I salute all moms who choose to work, or who actually have to work to help create a better, more financially stable atmosphere and family life.

What intrigued my interest is that, as we all know, being at a job requires better time management as working moms’ schedules are pretty tight and the pressure that comes with it is serious, they have to organize everything, plan their cooking and grocery shopping ahead of time, even when it is as personal as grooming at the salon or running personal errands, it all needs to be thought through very efficiently. It is hard. The one thing the moms mentioned and kept rising to the surface was GUILT...

One of my favorite pictures

Oh my... It is the guilt of being away from home for long hours, the guilt of not being there when the kids come home from school, their minds being so preoccupied thinking about the children while having to meet deadlines and cope with bosses and colleagues. The list goes on, but on the brighter side, they are actually using their knowledge and expertise in the work field to add value to society. They have their own personal income which makes them feel less dependent on their spouses especially when it gets tight at times. They may have more quality time when it comes to spending time with their kids. It simply has pros and cons like any decision you make in life. And again I have so much respect for them and their ability to handle such pressure.

Now allow me to take you to the other side of my article, the stay-at-home moms, the ones who may have given up on their dream jobs or their ambitions to stay home and be there fully for their kids, I salute you all too, yes we may have more time to get things done, but this doesn’t mean we are doing any less, and I am saying this to myself before saying it to anyone, moms who choose to be at home are doing a great job too. There is always something that needs to be done no matter what, and getting it all done also requires being organized and requires the ability to manage your time well to handle your chores at home.

Rasha and Ghalia with their kids

I encourage every woman to never give up on a job she wants, maybe a home business you’ve wanted to start or a course you’ve felt like taking, because if you want something, go for it, do it when the time is right, when you feel you’re able to manage your time well, when you feel ready. Don’t think less of yourself, which I know is not easy at times, you will want more, and trust me, working moms will come across similar times where they’ll feel they want to be more present at home. We will always feel like the grass is greener on the other side.

My main reason for writing this blog is that these two categories are not to ever be compared, because at the end we are all doing our best, and we should know that everyone is fighting their own battle, we should not judge one another or shame one another for making a choice that suits us better, let’s be more supportive and understanding.