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Stories your child will love with Deema: A kiss from an angel

April 03 , 2019
Deema Al Alami
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Book Title: A kiss from an angel
Author: Sahar Naja Mahfooz 
Age: 6-10 years
Rating out of 5: 5/5

Does your child have a birthmark, scar, or anything physical that he/she is not particularly proud of?

If the answer is yes, then you would want to read this book with him/her!

This beautifully illustrated book is about a little girl who has a birthmark on her face, and it makes her feel very insecure. Her mum then tells her a beautiful and heartwarming secret that makes her embrace and love her birthmark (because, of course mums do that!!) She told the little girl, that she has that mark because a guardian angel kissed her cheek so hard- so it left a mark, and that this kiss will forever be with her to remind her that she’s so special, protected and loved!

I really love EVERYTHING about this book!!! Especially that it is in Arabic!!!
If I hear one more person say, there aren't any good quality Arabic books- I will go crazy!! You’re wrong! There is, and here’s a PERFECT example!