How to wear Striped trousers in 3 ways

July 16 , 2019
Tala Irshaid
Tala Irshaid is a certified Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant from London College of Style, specializing in capsule wardrobe styling, fashion edito...More

Striped pants are trending in this season but, so many of you find them difficult to style. However the truth is that striped pants actually go with almost everything in your wardrobe, specially the vertically striped ones - they're so practical, flattering, and they're definitely a go to choice when you’re in a doubt and want to look stylish.

This also doesn’t mean they aren’t tricky on some body shapes! If you have a curved body you have to be careful when choosing the stripes. Go for a medium sized stripes that also gives you length. If you’re thin, don’t wear large stripes! Go for a thin and light weight stripes.

Flared striped trousers are also a choice specially if you’re short to average height. Try to combine them with heels or sneakers to add more height.  

So, how can you wear them differently every time you go out for work or even for a casual day? I have the answer right here with 3 different choices. But remember you can always style them your way and there is always endless options on how to style a fashion piece

1. First outfit


2. Second outfit


3. Third outfit