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The Power of Two!

May 20 , 2018
Mais Sukkar
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“Take a pregnancy test” – 4 words that changed our world!!

My Jana was 8 months when my husband made the above suggestion. “WHAT? How funny is that? There’s no way, is there? It’s silly, right? Oh, but is it true? Another baby? NO WAY”; just some of the million thoughts running in my head whilst taking the test.

At 17 months of age, Jana welcomed her Adnano to this world, and so the journey started! Double the trouble, double the tiredness, double the effort but most importantly double the fun…

Having two under two is no stroll in the park, it’s like having twins but with the trouble of NOT having twins.

You have a new toddler in the house, who has just started understanding how to communicate with the outer world & at the same time a new baby that is completely dependent on you every minute of the day. Yes, it’s feeding, bathing, putting to sleep…etc. but each with their own and completely different routine.

Besides the expected jealousy, we found ourselves having to deal with food strikes, repeated illness in the house, new separation anxiety phases and much more. To us the key was consistency – we tried to stick to our known routines re all the above no matter what! Another trick we found very helpful during this time was separating mummy & daddy for each of the kids – this gave our Jana the feeling that she was still “special”, and even though she had to share mummy, baba was all hers (baba spent time with Adnan when she wasn’t around).

As Jana grew up a bit, and Adnan started to become more manageable in a few months, we planted the seed of “LOVE” – a seed that is still reaping and growing in beautiful new ways every single day!

“Adnan is your love”; “You need to take care of Adnan”; “Jana & Adnan are best friends” – some of the phrases we said & repeated every single day and on every good act over and over again! Jana became mummy’s little helper – she helped change, bathe, feed & put Adnan to sleep; we didn’t plant any fear only trust & confidence in the relationship and role of big sister.

Then ADNANO WAS ONE, and the world suddenly became beautiful because they were TWO! Jana doesn’t remember a day her brother wasn’t around; Adnan idolizes his “ZooZoo” and only hopes to be like her every day – now aged 4 (almost) & 2 I truly believe having my kids so close in age is the best gift I could’ve ever given them, and I know that no matter where life takes us these two will always, ALWAYS be the “Destest of friends”

God bless you my little angels – here’s to many more beautiful adventures in each other’s hold!