Avoiding chapped lips in the wintertime

Avoiding chapped lips in the wintertime
Published : November 24 , 2020
Latest Update : July 05 , 2021

By Rania Dawud 

Having chapped lips is just a side effect of the colder winter months. It seems that as soon as the weather gets drier, cracked lips (and come to think of it, hands and skin in general too) are just inevitable. The lack of humidity in the air causes our dry lips to feel itchy, tight and sometimes even painful. 

One way of resolving the problem is to pinpoint the cause. Aside from the weather, bad habits such as licking the lips or constantly picking at them contribute to drying them even more. Meanwhile, exposure to the sun in the summer can also lead to cracked lips. 

So what’s the remedy for smooth and luscious lips?


Relieve your lips from the flakiness and dry skin with a lip scrub. A simple scrub can be made at home with sugar and honey; rub it over the lips with a clean, unused toothbrush. 

Know which lip balms to use

Not all lip balms help chapped lips as some may contain ingredients that could dry out the lips, such as menthol, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and camphor.

Look for lip balms that contain beeswax, petroleum, shea butter, ceramides or lanolin for a hydrating effect.

Stay hydrated

We all know this one. Drink your eight glasses of water a day, and your lips (and face!) will thank you for it. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, start drinking water at certain times of the day to turn it into a habit.

Turn on a humidifier

If your lips and face still need a little more moisture, turn on a humidifier in your room for a bit to add moisture back into the dry air. 

Cover your mouth when outside

When it’s windy and chilly outside, use a scarf to protect your lips from the cold. The icy air will only make the issue worse. 

Avoid citruses and spicy foods

For extreme cases, when the lips are severely cracked and dry, eating citrus fruits and/or spicy foods will not only irritate and dry the lips, but will make them painful too. 

Use natural ingredients

Coconut oil, aloe vera, cucumbers, honey and olive oil are all natural ingredients that can moisturize and soothe broken lips, and they’re easily available in every kitchen!



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