Third Trimester

Bessma's Pregnancy Diaries: third trimester

Bessma's Pregnancy Diaries: third trimester
April 04 , 2021
Bessma Bader Bessma Bader
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I’m in my 7th month now. And this is when I get my first leg cramp. It wakes me in the middle of the night, and for a few seconds, I am not quite sure what this intense pain in my calf is!

When I'm awake enough to understand, I try flexing my foot back and then relaxing it. It works this time, but on other occasions, it makes it worse. The cramps pass, and I fall asleep usually quickly after from pure exhaustion. My sleep is still not too bad, and I have yet to enter the phase of pregnancy when a full night’s sleep is a distant dream.

The best part about this time in pregnancy is how clearly I can feel and see the baby moving. He squirms and wiggles inside me, and I can see a small bump on the side of my stomach (which I imagine is his elbow or foot). I tap him where he's pushing, and he moves in response. When this first started showing, the children were excited by it, but the excitement wore off very quickly.

I know I am getting more tired because I have to sit down most of the time each time I give a workshop. I can still climb up the ladder of my children's bunk beds (altho climbing down is becoming a challenge).

This month’s checkup includes anemia and glucose screening. The glucose screening is not a lot of fun, to be honest. I had to go to the clinic fasting and have a drink containing 50 grams of glucose. It tastes like warm Merinda. It isn't very pleasant. I have to wait an hour; then they draw some blood. They test to see how well your body processes sugar. If the level of sugar in your blood is within the norm, then you are done.

If it's elevated, you have to do another test 3 hours after drinking the yucky drink. Then see if you really do have gestational diabetes. My sugar was normal in this pregnancy and only was ever elevated in one of my pregnancies; the fact that I ate pancakes with maple syrup and sugar for breakfast in that pregnancy could have been the cause. And of course, as always at the doctors, they will always weigh you and tell you exactly how much heavier you are than the last time they weighed you, and they will always, always ask you to pee in a cup!

My advice to you during this time of pregnancy is to keep moving! This is when you start feeling the urge to sit there with your feet up, and rightly so, you're carrying a lot of extra weight, and you’re growing a baby… it's exhausting! But I urge you to move as much as you were moving the last few weeks, but with more rest in between. The more active you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be to give birth!


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